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They’re Hot. They’re Naked. They’re two different colors.

They’re Hot. They’re Naked. They’re two different colors.

FergusonBy Madeline Iva

Folks, there’s been a lot of really unhappy news coming from Fergusson, Missouri lately. I hope you find the ugliness as disturbing as I do.  So in an effort to ‘give peace a chance’, I’m sharing (with her permission) this email exchange that I had with Alexa Day about two weeks back.



»> I’m noticing an increase in the stats on my interracial posts. I’d like to…

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BROUGHT TO HIS KNEES: Q&A With Sabrina York & Lynne Silver

BROUGHT TO HIS KNEES: Q&A With Sabrina York & Lynne Silver

By Madeline Iva

Ladies and other naughty readers, today we have a treat for you–BROUGHT TO HIS KNEES is an anthology of eleven scorching stories about hot hard heroes brought to their knees by love.

Sabrina York and Lynne Silver–both authors included in the anthology–are here to roll their eyes,  and trash talk about how ‘the harder they come the harder they fall.’


Big, Hot & Heavy: BROUGHT TO…

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Scorching Heat and Rivers Of Sweat

Scorching Heat and Rivers Of Sweat

Sweaty breasts

By Elizabeth Shore

Thinking about Alexa Day’s alternate history steampunk-inspired short story Turnabout Day this week has got me feeling the heat. Steamy, glorious, sultry heat. Her story, after all, is set in Jamaica in August – a place so hot even fire starts to sweat. Before writing this post I looked up the forecast in Kingston. “Dangerous heat index. Limit outdoor exposure.” It’s 91…

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Celebrating Romance—ALL Shades (Read a Romance Month!)

Celebrating Romance—ALL Shades (Read a Romance Month!)

By Liz Everly

I’m so happy to be asked to be a part of Read a Romance Month (RARM) blogger day, especially during the week when we at Lady Smut are acknowledging one of our own—Alexa Day, whose short story “Turnabout” is published this week!

When I first started writing romance, I read about the “rules ” or “conventions” of the romance genre. Rules about which time periods and settings to write…

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I relate to this on a spiritual level.

Make the First Move

Make the First Move

by Kiersten Hallie Krum

Even the most staunch feminist would have to admit we live in a remarkable (though imperfect) era of immense opportunity for women, an era in which the prestigious Fields Medal, the Nobel Prize of Mathematics, is awarded to a woman for the first time. Yet despite the many advances in women’s rights over the last century, hell over the last halfcentury, the idea of a woman…

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She Also Serves: What Makes Obedience Hot?

She Also Serves: What Makes Obedience Hot?

By Alexa Day

On Friday, Musa Publishing launched Eros, its new line of erotic stories, and I’m proud to be one of the line’s first authors. My short story, “Turnabout Day,” will be released this Friday. Check out my smoking hot cover, friends!

The story takes place in a steam-driven alternate to Jamaican history. Turnabout Day is one of that world’s holidays, a day when the upper class serves its…

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Sexy Saturday Round-Up

By Liz Everly and the Lady Smut bloggers

Hello, Sexy! It’s Saturday. Need I say more? Each week the Lady Smut bloggers offer up some tasty Internet treats for you. So here we go!

A good reason to inspect your vagina.

Great piece on hair-removal. hehehe.

Rules for writing a novella.

From Madeline:

A Straight Male History of Sex Dolls

CYOA meets Erotic romance at Silk

Three high tech…

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LonCon and ShamroKon
Hot-hot-hot! Click on image to buy.

by C. Margery Kempe

I’m away this weekend in London for the 72nd World SF Con and then next week I’m off to Dublin before returning to NY to teach. Busy doesn’t begin to cover it. Look for me under my given name, K. A. Laity.

LONCON 3 The 72nd World Science Fiction Convention 14-18 August 2014 LONCON

Tove Jansson’s Moomins: Their Legacy and Influence

Thursday 12:00 – 13:30, Capital Suite 13…

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…And The Award for This Summer’s Hottest Blockbuster Goes To…

…And The Award for This Summer’s Hottest Blockbuster Goes To…


Click to buy at Amazon.

by Madeline Iva

You know how it goes. There is the movie you want to see…and then there is the movies HE wants to see.

The boys-club, he-man movie, the ‘let me save you little lady’  summer blockbuster film.

Since compromise is the soul of virtue, you get dressed up and bring along yer cute little summer sweater with you because it’s going to be crazy-cold in the movie…

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"It’s Fraser. James Alexander Malcolm MacKenzie Fraser."

Elizabeth Is Up North - Way North

Elizabeth Is Up North – Way North

sexy man

By Elizabeth Shore

Hey, Lady Smut readers! I’m away this week in Finland so I’m leaving you with two things to keep you occupied until I return next Wednesday. Below is a post I wrote several months ago that I’m re-posting in case you missed it last time. And above is picture of a hot guy. Why? Because seriously, why not? ;-)

You may remember a post I wrote several months ago about frustrations…

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Lusty Wenches and Hawt Spies—Loving the Historicals (A revisit)

Lusty Wenches and Hawt Spies–Loving the Historicals (A revisit)

Photo by Alaska Dude

Photo by Alaska Dude

By Liz Everly

Note: This blog post is a reblog of one that I wrote some time ago. I’m running it again because I’m celebrating the fact that the historical romance I wrote has now found a home with Tirgearr Publishing.It turns out the Kemberlee Shortland, one of the owners of the company loves this time period in history as much as I do. You just never know, do you?  I’m…

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Pushing Through

by Kiersten Hallie Krum

Some people think writer’s block is a myth and if you just get up and push through it, the block will resolve itself. You respect it and work with it even when you’d rather crawl back into bed give up on your dreams because today, it’s just too damn hard. But powering through isn’t always enough.


The view isn’t much different from up here.

One of the most whackadoodle…

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